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Westover & DeLeone

  • By admin
  • - January 27

This lovely-looking bass was built in 1981 by Harold & Alene Westover as Number 1533. The varnish is by Mr. Lou DeLeone.

The Westover’s dedicated the latter part of their lives to building viol da gamba’s and harps. They built only two double-basses, of which this is certainly the prize. The sound of this bass is very bright and clear to the player with a flat aspect well-suited to recording and to bowing. The listener tends to hear a louder, mellower sound than the player.

Mr. Lou DeLeone is a double bass luthier of legendary status and is now retired and living in Connecticut. Almost every double bass luthier in the New England area can be traced back to his teaching, either directly or indirectly.
This bass, although pretty to look at, has very thin ribs and almost every rib had a crack. After the cracks were glued, the major cracks were cleated with spruce diamond cleats and the ribs were then lined with crate paper. Crate paper has superior shear/tensile strength and when coupled with hide glue it becomes even stronger…almost like carbon fiber!
A fresh setup, some minor detailing and a nice French polish and this bass will look as good as it sounds!