Violin Eyebrow Patch –

Violin Eyebrow Patch

  • By admin
  • - January 27

Lower ff hole wings crack.  It’s just a fact.  The problem arises when so few Luthiers employ the correct repair! Most old instruments have ill fitting, oddly shaped cleats.  These cleats inevitably allow the glued crack to once again fail, and the cleat ends up buzzing and/or causing further damage to the instrument. 

The correct repair is called an eyebrow patch.  Approximately half of the original wood is carved away and a new piece of spruce with opposing grain is carefully chalk fitted.  Once done, this delicate area is actually stronger than when the instrument left the makers bench. Additionally, as the patch is flush to the edge, future Luthiers will not get their opening knife caught up on a protruding cleat preventing future damage during top off repairs.