Ottomar Hausmann –

Ottomar Hausmann

  • By admin
  • - January 27

Labeled – Ottomar Hausmann, Geigen- and cellobauer, Mittenwald/Karwendel, made in Germany, Serial No. A594, 1958

We are in contact with a student of Ottomar’s, and this luthier has confirmed that this is an instrument made by Ottomar Hausmann.  As an interesting side note, the instrument was made during a period of time when Ottomar was working for his father.  We hope to have more information soon about this fine maker.

This is a very nice bass with some minor repair needs. Unfortunately a Boston bass specialist had done the previous repairs incorrectly…and not only did those repairs fail, but they caused more problems!

Note the original varnish color under the bridge feet.  Most likely dragons blood was used as the varnish colorant which fades in sunlight.