New Kay Neck –

New Kay Neck

  • By admin
  • - January 23

So many old Kay double basses have this classic neck break.  This bass had been repaired in the past, incorrectly, with bolts.  Eventually the neck repair fails…they always do.

We love old Kay basses…something about the Americana aspect of them just moves us…and we like to see every old Kay bass leave our shop better than the day it was made.

We begin by removing the old neck.  Then we fill the old mortise with aged German spruce.  A new neck made on the same machine as the original necks is chalk fit.  We feel the new neck retains the character of the the instrument while adding the security of new material.

After the neck is fit and glued, shaping of the heel can begin.  The repair is finished with color matching of the original lacquer and any antiquing needed to match the body.  Whenever possible the original tuners are always used.

This old Kay is sure to play well for another 75 years!