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Kay Double Bass M1 c1957

  • By admin
  • - January 27

This nice 1957 Kay M1 just needs a little TLC to be better than ever!  The neck heel broke, multiple times over the years (typical of Kay’s) and had been poorly repaired.  A new neck will provide worry free playing, and our election to transplant the ears from the original scroll onto the new scroll will help to retain the character.  Some light antiquing of the finish and it will be hard to tell this is not the original neck & scroll!

The neck foot and dovetail have been re-carved on the replacement neck in order to achieve a higher projection (Kay’s are very low).  This slightly higher projection will allow for a taller bridge, and a sweeter, more powerful tone.  The female end of the dovetail (original neck block) was shimmed on all three planes and the neck was chalk fit to ensure 100% contact (Kay neck joints only touch on the sides, not the bottom).

A full setup and this bass is off to the new owner!