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Kai Arvi Double Bass

  • By admin
  • - January 27

“Gary & Jack,”

“Just wanted to thank you and follow up on the wonderful work done on my bass. It’s taken a couple of weeks to get used to the change in feel, sound, response, etc, but I’m very pleased and others have noticed the difference. The overall sound is much more even, I can feel the bass vibrating against me when the E string is played (a new sensation altogether), and the sound is more resonant, and more present somehow. You did a beautiful job of attaching the fingerboard–I’d always been able to feel the seam between Neck and fingerboard, now it’s smooth as glass.”

“An additional selling point that you might consider for the solo extension (fingerboard) is that it very comfortably fits the right hand profile for jazz pizz, aside from the cool looks and extra notes.”

“(The) Dominants are working out well, thanks for the suggestion. I replaced the G with a lighter gauge Dominant, and have been happy with the result. They have the sustain of the Spirocores with a warmer growl, and are MUCH friendlier to the bow, without the stiffness, rolling, and dullness of Obligatos. The bowed sound at this point seems fairly bright, not unpleasantly so, but the attack is so much more smooth and consistent than the Spirocores that I’m actually inspired to practice! It’s great to have everything in the right place as well!”

“So, many thanks and much success, I’ll be happy to continue to refer you to one and all. Happy Fall, John”