German Full Restoration –

German Full Restoration

  • By admin
  • - January 23

We agreed to restore this bass as it had important sentimental value to the owner.  More than a few shops have passed on the restoration over the years…and honestly we thought about passing on it too.  But in the end we agreed that despite the horrid condition of this bass, we could bring it back.

After examining the finish, we are of the opinion that it once had a nice oil varnish.  This varnish had been removed and a blonde spirit varnish had been applied.  More recently it appears that it was being prepared for a solid color painting as Bondo had been applied to all of the low points in an effort to level out the instrument to look good under shinny paint!  Once we complete the woodworking portion of the restoration the owners will spend some time with us looking at pictures and instruments to decide what direction they would like us to take the new varnish.  A handmade oil varnish will be applied with some light antiquing. 

This bass sounded AMAZING!!!  We hope it can live on another 100 years before the next repair is needed.  This is the longest a bass has been with us in the R&R process…and the results were beyond all of our expectations.