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Full Restoration

  • By admin
  • - January 23

This was a full restoration…on a budget.  Real life, huh?  Not every bass owner can afford to do every repair as if it were being documented for a text book.  Especially after this owner just spent a tidy sum of money on the bass itself.

After purchasing this double bass from another double bass specialty dealer, the instrument was brought in to us for some minor (ha!) issues to be corrected.  Famous last words…

The neck basically fell out and the top had numerous open cracks (previously repaired).  The glue of choice seemed to be Gorilla Glue.  Nice for outdoor Teak furniture, but bad for double basses.

This neck had shown evidence of being a lifetime issue.  Lag bolts, dowels, etc.  had all been tried (not to mention the scroll itself was in 3 pieces!!!) The real problem with the history of neck failure was a neck heel that was not properly carved to begin with.  We had to get a bit creative and try to form a locking joint (like a dove tail joint) that would work with the glue.  Had budget not been an issue, we would have done a scroll graft onto a brand new neck…but like we said…real life budget required out-of-the-box solutions. 

While we were in there…we shortened the string length down to 42 inches and increased the over stand.

42 cleats, a new neck block and some creative neck/heel tricks later and we have a wonderful bass that will provide MANY years of faithful service, and it sounds great too!