Derazey a Mirecourt –

Derazey a Mirecourt

  • By admin
  • - January 27

De la Fabrique de Derazey a Mirecourt 

This nice old French violin has been well played and cared for over the years.  It even seems to have been regraduated by a local luthier in 1895!

The neck appears to have been problematic to many musicians and luthiers over this time as several past repairs have failed.  By employing the correct repair we are certain this French violin will not repeat itself again. 

We began as the past luthiers had by gluing the button back in place.  This is just a butt joint and really offers no physical strength to the mechanics of the neck joint.  By completely disassembling the violin and inlaying new material, called a button graft, we are able to make this area strong once again.  The original button is mainly cosmetic as the strength comes from the underlying new maple.  The result is almost invisible.

A nice full setup with an eye for the characteristic French details ensures that this violin will be around for another century or two!