Chinese Bass Setup –

Chinese Bass Setup

  • By admin
  • - January 23

Yes, another page devoted to set-up.  What can we say, we do it better than most.  If double bass set-up where an Olympic event, we would be gold medal contenders. 

We know this statement will give other shops ammunition to call us braggarts and other nasty names…an honestly we take it as a compliment.  Truthfully we hope other shops use pages like this as a resource to better their work and advance the “art” of the bass.

We have completely devoted ourselves to understanding how the instrument is played.  This is not a cut and dry answer as the double bass has more styles of play than any other violin family instrument.  We carefully interview you to find out how you play and what tonal qualities you are searching for. Then we make your bass meet those goals.

The pictures below are of a recent shop walk in.  The owner of this Shen double bass has had discomfort while playing, as well as not being as smitten with the instruments tone as he once was.  As he said, “the romance of having a new bass has worn off, and now I can feel and hear the shortcomings”. 

After redoing every aspect of the set-up, the romance can continue…

Nut Before

Nut After

Endpin, Saddle & Tailpiece Before

Endpin, Saddle & Tailpiece After

Bridge Before

Bridge After

Professionally Setup