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Bow Grip

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  • - January 27

Silver & Leather

LEATHER – The majority of bows we see have worn through leather grips, and we have seen musicians employ NUMEROUS different fixes.  Electrical tape, masking tape, surgical tubing etc.  As your fingernails wear out the leather nothing is to stop your fingernail from wearing out the Pernambucco!  We encourage our patrons to invest a SMALL amount of money (less than a rehair) and have their bow re-gripped.  A variety of different leathers are used not only  to match the aesthetics of your bow, but to also match the duration of your playing.  Soft & supple, lizard skin (shown below) is wonderful on the eye, but too quickly wears away under daily play.  For daily play and professional use we recommend thicker skins such as cattle & our shop favorites Alligator & Ostrich.

SILVER – While having your bow re-wrapped can put a new face on an old bow, it can also correct weight and balance issues.  Bows must be carefully examined prior to work beginning to determine the proper length & gauge of silver to be used.  Wrapping without forethought of where the bow needs to be is careless work and can make your bow difficult and uncomfortable to play.

We only use 100% silver wire.  Less expensive copper wire plated with silver are common to see from other shops, but after just a few polishing start to show a pink hue or turn green from perspiration.