Alois Bittner –

Alois Bittner

  • By admin
  • - January 23

This old Bittner double bass was in for a full, major restoration. 

Among the many issues with this bass, it has a very thin top upper bout, and has suffered many cracks.  A majority of the old cleats had failed and most of the cracks had re-opened.  After removing all of the cleats and soaking apart all the cracks, a solution was used to clean the dirty wood so that the newly joined cracks would be less visible. 

Our clamping system puts the right amount of tension at exactly the right spots along the cracks, while being of a light enough weight to not distort the arch. 

By employing thin, diamond shaped cleats we can get more reinforcement along the length of the crack and not add proportionately more mass that a larger, square cleat would.  Also, the diamond shape allows us to stagger the cleats in such a way that several cracks in close proximity can all get the individual reinforcement they need.