Albert Jackstadt Bass Bar –

Albert Jackstadt Bass Bar

  • By admin
  • - January 23

This Albert  Jackstadt double bass, made in October of 1990 for the Bass Viol Shop Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, showcases some very good design (cross bracing) and workmanship…it’s nice to see a modern bass maker advancing the art!

This bass, however, was showing some pretty significant top deformations from an overly sprung bass bar on a soft piece of spruce.  It also had a few minor cracks that needed to be addressed.

After the old bar is carefully carved out, the slow process of chalk fitting a new bar can begin.  Measurements must be taken and calculations done to determine the best spot for the new bar in relation to the model and the size of the bridge to be used.  Carving, shaping and tuning the new bar to work with the top takes a well trained hand and ear.   The strength of the top wood must be carefully considered.  We decided a taller, wider bar with zero spring would be best for this bass.  The graceful gothic arch at the highest point keeps the strength of the taller bar balanced by taking away mass.  Tap tuning the top and checking for flexibility along the way  ensures  maximum tonal response and character.

In the end, this nice Jackstadt bass has the the right bass bar for the model and strength of the top.