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Repair #3


Violin Setup

Violin Eyebrow Patch

New Bass Bar

So Many Cracks!

Chas P. Coolidge Violin

Derazey a Mirecourt Violin

Cello Neck Set & Peg Bushings

French Violin, c.1800


English Violin

Walter Goss Violin

François LeCavelle Cello

Phillip Injeian Cello

Pierre Silvestre a Lyon 1857


So Many Cracks...

This poor old violin had seen better days.  A past repairman caused many micro cracks when the top was forcefully removed.  The repair that had been done, a center seam crack that was shimmed, has now failed...as well as most of the micro cracks have now become full blown cracks. 

We began by just taking things a part to see how much damage was really there.  The more we dug...the more we found.  14 cracks with a total distance of 39.5 inches!!!  Roughly 30 cleats, an eyebrow patch and a sound post plate were needed to get the top back together.  Also, the end block was split in two.  The break was clean, so we decided to re-glue it rather than to replace it to help keep costs down.

In the end this is a great little violin that will make the owners happy for years to come.

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Lots of cracks... Ouch... Top off... Sooooo many cracks... Little pressure... Let the fixing begin! Thanks to Oded Kishony for the clamp tip!

View of the bench



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